CounterPunch’s Favorite 100 Nonfiction Books In Translation

CounterPunch’s Favorite 100 Nonfiction Books In
Published Since 1900, Alexander Cockburn and
Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch
With the sun’s heat blazing down upon us and the languid days of
summer in full swing, the thought of lounging in the shade with a
book becomes even more appealing than usual. Luckily, Alexander
Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair at the sassy political newsletter
CounterPunch have done a follow-up to their popular
list, ‘100 Books of Nonfiction First Published in English,’ this
time focusing on nonfiction books that have been translated into
English. This new list covers topics as diverse as expeditions to
the South Pole and the poetics of space to the history of Russian
literature and guerilla warfare. While it doesn’t contain many
women writers, the authors included on the list range from Pele
(the former Brazilian soccer star) to Mao Tse-Tung and beyond. The
variety ensures that anyone can find a book to match their
interests. Each book listed is linked to for easy
purchase, but most (if not all) can certainly be found at the local
library (which probably has air conditioning).
–Lindsey Dickinson

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