Cuba Bans PC Sales to the Public

Cuba Bans PC Sales to the Public, Julia
The Cuban government has effectively eliminated a once-promising
connection to information–and to the free world–by banning PC
sales to its citizens. All computer sales must now be authorized by
the Ministry of Internal Commerce, who will approve sales only in
what it considers to be ‘indispensable cases.’ The move, reports
Julia Scheeres in, came as a response to Cuba’s new wave
of independent journalists, who have taken advantage of the
Internet’s relative free-speech liberties. Scheeres relays
first-hand accounts and criticism of the ban from a Cuban
government employee, who sent a copy of the resolution to Wired
News and discussed the public’s reaction via a Web-based e-mail
account, as well as from authors of ‘subversive’ Web sites that
report critically on Cuba’s economy.
–Julie Madsen
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