Cynical, Self-Absorbed Assholes?

If Marissa Kamin’s stereotypes of Generation X are true,then
yesterday was too late for X-ers to get off their duffs andstart
being proactive in the face of impending war anddesensitizing media
overload. The Gen X mentality, Kamin writesin, has no
room for patriotism or unity, both ofwhich would rob it of its
claim to cynicism and independentthinking in the face of what it
sees as an increasingly hyped-upmedia and an increasingly
dumbed-down government.  But thereal reason Gen X doesn’t
care, she argues, is that it isjust too self-absorbed – X-ers are
“self-important,self-centered, self-indulged assholes,” to be
precise. Butthat’s no reason not to rally for change. Kamin points
notonly to a generational trend, but also to a national one.
Maybeit’s time for all of us to put cynicism aside and starttrying
to figure out what we really think – andfeel–about our country and
where it’s heading.

-Heather Dewar

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