Dangerous Reads

When it comes to book publishing, Mike Hoy has only two
criteria: ‘One, we have to be able to read it, and, two, we have to
be able to not stop reading it.’ As a result, Hoy’s company,
Loompanics Unlimited, houses a collection of some of America’s most
unorthodox reads, writes Caleb O. Brown in a recent Snitch
report. Hoy has come under fire for publishing such controversial
titles as Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture and
Be Your Own Undertaker: How to Dispose of a Dead Body.
When NPR host Bob Garfield asked Hoy to explain how Loompanics
could sell such a ‘disgraceful’ work as Conversations With a
, Hoy retorted, ‘I believe this book was published by
HarperCollins. Are you going to call HarperCollins up and harangue
them for assisting pedophiles?’ Ultimately, Hoy makes no apologies
for exercising his Constitutional right to ensure that publications
‘from the lunatic fringe of the libertarian movement’ are
‘available and in print.’
Erin Ferdinand

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Dangerous Reads

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