Darn Tootin’

<p>A Swedish national bank was recently ordered to pay $100,000 to
Goran Andervass, a former employee who was fired after an argument
ensued over a co-worker’s flatulence. According to a statement
Andervass presented to the court, he was ‘Provoked by a disgusting
fart — a right stinker — at 7:30 a.m. in my office,’ reports
Hanne Dankertsen of the <em>Nettavisen</em> web site. After
complaining to supervisor Staffen Folke, the colleague ‘would
neither admit nor confirm that he farted,’ Andervass said. As a
result of the conflict, Andervass went away on an extended sick
leave and was subsequently fired. Employees were later warned about
‘farting too obviously near others.’ Said Kirster Skoglund of the
bank’s Human Resource department: ‘If this happens on numerous
occasions, it will be perceived as a violation. Even if only one
single fart is in question, the leadership will react.'<br />
— <em>Erin Ferdinand</em>
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<a href=”http://pub.tv2.no/nettavisen/english/article129623.ece”>Fart
Costs Bank $100,000</a>
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