Davey D?s Hip Hop Corner

As long as you can get past the comic sans font, Davey D?s Hip
Hop Corner is a good place to get a beat on what?s going on in the
world of hip hop. The self-proclaimed hip hop historian,
journalist, deejay, and community activist does a great job of
covering political and cultural issues close to hip hop. On the
?Hip Hop and Politics? portion of the site, D has archived articles
on topics ranging from reparations for slavery to the FCC and radio
consolidation. He also draws attention to politically outspoken
rappers like Paris and Boots Riley of The Coup. In the ?Hip Hop
History? portion, the Bronx-born D dispels all rumors that the art
form may have originated in Queens Bridge and tells the story of
hip hop?s venerable patriarch Kool Herc, the Jamaican DJ who moved
to the West Bronx with a style that would become a culture. He also
explains how toasts and dub talk over reggae music became the
?check one two? of early hip hop. After you?ve familiarized
yourself with all the important details integral to hip hop, you
can test your knowledge with Davey D?s hip hop quizzes. Can you
name six original members of the Wu-Tang Clan? Or do you know what
well-known rapper was once married to KRS-One? Test yourself and
find out how hip hop you really are.
?Nick Garafola

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Davey D?s Hip Hop Corner

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