Dippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots, Andy Ross, Flak

If Dippin’ Dots are the future of ice cream, then it is a bleak
future indeed, says Andy Ross of Flak Magazine.
Dippin’ Dots — ice cream shaped into tiny pellets at minus 40
degrees — are painfully cold and utterly tasteless, leaving people
to wonder why such a product exists. ‘(Dippin’ Dots) will never
attain the deliciousness of real ice cream,’ Ross professes. But
after a run-in with a Dippin’ Dots employee, he realized the
pellets were created for ease and cleanliness in serving, not for
taste. ‘The spittle hitting his fear-frozen face from my
pronouncement of the word ‘bastards’ drew my eyes downward,’ he
recounts. ‘His polo shirt clenched in my now white knuckles was a
spotless sky blue…how had he kept his shirt so clean in the dirty
world of ice cream sales?’
–Kate Garsombke
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