Dirty Little Secrets: Polygamous Wives Speak Out

Dirty Little Secrets: Polygamous Wives Speak Out, Carolyn Campbell, Salt Lake City Weekly,
Polygamy may be a third-degree felony in Utah, but that didn’t stop Anne Wilde, Marianne Watson and Mary Batchelor from writing Voices in Harmony: Contemporary Women Celebrate Plural Marriage, a new book of essays that attempts to dispel misconceptions and stereotypes about multi-partner marriages. Carolyn Campbell writes in the Salt Lake City Weekly that the authors, all of whom are, or have been in separate polygamous marriages, have experienced ostracism from friends and family. One contributing author was fired from a city job, and her family was evicted from their rental house when others discovered she was polygamous. But the authors of the book also wanted to show the benefits of having “sister-wives.” One author calls plural marriage a “heaven-sent blessing,” writes Campbell. “She recalls years of living with her sister-wife, home-schooling their children and making scrapbooks of family events. ‘There were times when the two of us were so close that our husband felt left out.'”
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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