Divine Comedy: John Waters interviewed

Divine Comedy: John Waters

Director John Waters, (Pink Flamingos, Cry Baby, Pecker)
discusses his latest progeny, Cecil B. DeMented, a film,
released last Friday, about a renegade film crew dedicated to the
debasement of Hollywood. While creating their own movie, the crew
crashes the screening of Patch Adams: the Director’s Cut and hides
in a XXX theater to evade their pursuers. Waters’ interview touches
upon his concern about Melanie Griffith (as star of the show, Honey
Whitlock) shooting an action film in 32 days and his about disdain
for Hollywood.

It seems particularly appropriate that the interview appears in
Flak Magazine, a two-year old, non-profit magazine,
based out of Madison, aimed to be a ‘noncomprehensive guide to
everything,’ rather than in Entertainment or People

As for Waters’ feelings about the recent streak of gross-out
comedy, he tells Eric Wittmershaus, ‘Nobody thought those were real
testicles in (There’s) Something About Mary… Nobody
thought that somebody really shot semen in (Cameron Diaz’s) hair.
But they all know that Divine [in Pink Flamingos] really ate
dog shit, so I’m sorry, I still feel like Muhammad Ali.’

As for the future, Waters predicts that the next development in
film will be when a major Hollywood actor has sex on screen. He
seemed certain it would happen in the next ten years. — Sara V.

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