Dyncorp In Colombia: Outsourcing The Drug War

Dyncorp In Colombia: Outsourcing The Drug

Dyncorp, which bills itself as an Internet Technologies
corporation specializing in ‘Information Systems, Information
Technology/Oursourcing and Technical Services,’ earns 98 percent of
its $2 billion annual revenue from contracts with the U.S.
government. But what do they actually do with the tax-generated
dollars they earn? On the populist ombudsman Web site
CorpWatch.org, Jeremy Bigwood examines how the
government wages war with mercenaries by hiring them through
private companies.

According to former U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Myles Frechette,
‘It’s very handy to have an outfit not part of the U.S. armed
forces, obviously. If someone gets killed or whatever, you can say
it’s not a member of the armed forces.’ Recalling notorious shadow
operations in Vietnam, Chile, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, DynCorp
operates armed State Department aircraft and recruits pilots and
technicians, most of whom are former U.S. military personnel.
–Al Paulson
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