Earth Day Around the World and in Your Back Yard

Against the backdrop of rising sea levels, an onslaught of
natural disasters, and threats to the world’s food and water
supply, Earth Day 2006 can be a time when everyone pitches in to
help the planet.

There is a plethora of web-based information for the concerned
environmentalist on Earth Day. The
Earth Day Network is a good
starting point, offering educational and organizational materials,
a directory of local events, and a quiz to determine your personal
ecological footprint. If you can’t find events in your community
there, Zerofootprint
has a calendar of eco-friendly events worldwide and year-round.

On the business front,
Timberland, already the
makers of environmentally friendly products, has big plans for
Earth Day 2006. The apparel company recently announced plans to
create one
of the top 50 largest solar installations
in the world for its
Ontario, California, distribution center. More than 140 events are
planned in 26 countries to commemorate the occasion, including a
trail cleanup in the San Bernardino National Forrest.

If you want Earth Day tips on things you can do on your own,
check out
Mother Earth Living. The editors of this environmental
clearinghouse have put together a list of 10 ideas for how you can
help the environment this year. Suggestions range from turning
garbage into garden soil by composting, to simply checking tire
pressure to improve your car’s gas mileage.

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Earth Day Network

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Let’s Celebrate Earth Day

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