Earth Day Turns 35

The environment has taken a backseat to modern living and not
without cost. The temperature is gradually swelling, polar ice caps
are melting, species are dying off, and in many places the water is
too polluted to drink. There is no better time than the present to
reverse the tide — and no better day to begin than Earth Day.
Fortunately, for those of us who need a push and some direction,
there’s a bevy of resources. is a
one-stop shop, where surfers can search for events in their area
and learn how to get involved in community-based campaigns. For
family-friendly tips,
offers a variety of activities, including interactive,
online games and songs inspired by Mother Earth. The
Earth Day Groceries
encourages students to decorate paper grocery bags with
environmental messages.

The Environmental
Protection Agency
is pitching in with a heap of resources,
including information on how to support cleaner electricity
generation. You can also find out about the environmental
conditions in your community and learn how to help your employer
become more energy efficient. There’s even a link to scout out
opportunities and Earth Day events in your area

Go there >>
Earth Day Network

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