Eco-tourism Targets Baby-Boomers Dollars

Is Eco-tourism a misnomer? Is traveling to Borneo to see the rainforests or to the Serengeti of Tanzania to see the wildlife more ecologically sound than other tourist destinations such as Disney World or Mount Rushmore? It seems that Baby Boomers are more eager to spend money on extravagant trips if those trips give the impression of being an environmentally-conscious adventure.

John Roach of the Environmental News Network addresses how the National Wildlife Federation, a 50-year-old private, nationwide federation of conservation activists, has picked up on the recent trend in their expeditions travel program.

“Many baby-boomers, who came of age in the ’60s, began their travels early in life… They rode trains around Europe and lived out of backpacks. Twenty to 30 years later, they seek the same sort of adventure in their travels but have limited vacation time. And many have children they want to bring along.”

Tourism has an environmental downside, no matter how noble its intentions. World travel consumes fossil fuels and the family-friendly accomodations sought by globetrotting Americans spawns pollution.— Sara V. Buckwitz
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