Embracing Your Inner Mad Scientist

Had the Internet been widely available in 1983, I might never
have become the introverted, socially awkward writer I am today,
but rather, a much-maligned genius who utilizes everyday household
items to create levitation balls and permanent rainbows. Thanks to
SciToys.com, a web site containing eight chapters of
‘science toys you can make with your kids,’ it’s not too late to
embrace your inner mad scientist. Whether you’re making the world’s
simplest steamboat, building a solar battery, forming metal that
melts in hot water or assembling a solar-powered marshmallow
roaster, SciToys.com has totally awesome experiments that
appeal to the Dr. Frankenstein in all of us. A quick note of
caution — these activities require adult supervision. Especially
the ‘hi-tech squirt gun’ made with a small, plastic hydrogen bomb.
Even the most angelic scientist can stand a friendly parental
reminder to use her powers for good and not for evil!
Erin Ferdinand

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