Feral Cheryl: The Socially Conscious Alternative To Barbie

Cheryl: The Socially Conscious Alternative To Barbie,
In 1995, Lee Duncan created Feral Cheryl–a doll with ‘dark hair, a
realistic body shape and pubic hair’–as a gag gift for her
sister’s birthday. Since then this Barbie doll competitor from
Australia has captured worldwide attention. Her website boasts,
‘Feral Cheryl has been seen on London TV, at a Californian science
fiction writers conference, and is taken to regular music gigs by
musicians from Las Vegas to Byron Bay.’ The name comes from
Australia’s green extremists, which the Aussies call ‘ferals.’
Though started as a joke, Duncan also wanted to create an
alternative to the blond fashion doll: one that needs no
accessories. Unless you live in Australia, you’ll have to order
Feral Cheryl by December 7 if you want to get this doll by
–Sara V.
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