Fight to Free Tibet

Fight to Free Tibet: The Heroic Life of Ani Panchen,Jane Ayres, Whole Life Times
The childhood of freedom fighter Ani Panchen was far from ordinary: Instead of the normal childhood diversions, she was taught to ride horses and shoot guns. And when it came time for teenage rebellion, this sole surviving child of a clan chief in Tibet didn’t stay out past curfew smoking cigarettes, but fled her arranged marriage in favor of becoming a Buddhist nun. After the death of her father, she returned to her home to lead 700 farmers and nomads on horseback in armed resistance to the invading Chinese People’s Liberation Army, which led to her title of “Tibet’s Joan of Arc” as well as her subsequent arrest, interrogation, and physical torture during a 21-year Chinese prison sentence. In an April 2000 interview with Jane Ayers in Whole Life Times, this heroic woman, who died last February, recounts her fight for human rights and shares her thoughts on global politics.
–Rebecca Wienbar
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