Fight For Your Right to Party

Sex, drugs, rock ?n? roll are as American as baseball, mom, and
apple pie. To abolish them is ?an official government declaration
of a War on Fun,? writes Neal Pollack in a recent Brooklyn

From Rick Santorum?s righteous polemic declaring sexual activity
a state-sanctioned behavior to Joe Biden?s RAVE act?a sneaky little
postscript to the Amber Alert bill that blames live music for the
proliferation of Ectasy?bipartisan moral crusaders on Capitol Hill
are implementing standards that are both ridiculous and
constitutionally questionable. ?Operation Pipe Dreams??a February
raid co-sponsored by the DEA and Department of Justice?permitted
agents to ?[invade] the homes of families [of online bong dealers]
across the country without their knowledge.? Government sanctioned
sex education provides a $120 million kickback to schools that
teach abstinence outside marriage as ?the expected standard for all
school aged children? and monogamy ?in the context of marriage as
the expected standard of human sexual activity.?

Pollack proposes we combat the moral crusaders in the Democratic
and Republican parties by creating a new party: the Party Party,
?or at the very least a Party Party attitude.? After all, ?Saturday
night comes even for the most politically committed.?
?Erin Ferdinand

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The Right to Party

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