Flash Mob Phenomenon

The creator of the Flash Mob deserves a place in history next to
the healing genius of Dr. Patch Adams. These random acts of public
performance art are the perfect prescription for the war and
terrorism that have infected the planet. Take, for example, a
recent Saturday afternoon hit by The Dublin Mob Project: 150 people
converged on Clark’s shoe shop at precisely 5:07 p.m., declared ‘I
like cheese!’ then left the building in an orderly manner at 5:08.
Given Dublin’s bloody history, the Mob’s self-described ‘peaceful,
nonpolitical, [email-driven] experiment’ proves that people can
still find common ground, if only for a minute. According to a
recent Wired news report, the Flash Mob movement is
gaining momentum in San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York City, and
London. Look for random acts of silliness coming soon to a city
near you!
Erin Ferdinand

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The Dublin Mob Scene: Rob’s Photo Album

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