Follow the Money

Masquerading as a resource site that offers “100 percent accurate,” non-biased reportage into the financing of activist groups,’s conservative veil is thin, to be sure. Just check out the second paragraph from the site’s “About Us” page:

“As you read through the site, you may be surprised at some of the connections between these groups and individuals, forming a web of anti-consumer activism–promoting false science, scare campaigns, inflated public health causes, and sometimes violent anti-consumer ‘actions.'”

The list of groups that watches over reads like a Green Guide to nonprofits: Greenpeace, Ruckus Society, PETA, the Organic Consumers Association, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, and so on. Not only does the site list the funders of these groups, it presents a firmly slanted description of each one, referring to activists as “hoodlums,” “wonks” and “domestic terrorists,” and protests as “violent railings” against causes like “life-saving” biotech companies. The hope is that readers will be shocked and outraged that Ben and Jerry’s actually gave $10,000 to a group of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi disciples, or that Ted Turner’s foundations support groups that stage logging protests. Contact info and full staff and crew lists are available for each group, alongside an impressively researched history of each person’s previous activism. Furthermore, the site catalogues celebrities involved in these progressive groups, trying to elicit more of the same dismay. What, Bob Barker belongs to a vegan animal rights group? For shame!

–Chuck Terhark

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