Frida, Inc.

Frida Kahlo- Mexican painter, crippled bisexual Communist, wife
of Diego Rivera, and original bohemian, has entered the spotlight
again in Frida, the new film depicting her tumultuous life story.
Kahlo’s image, taken from her numerous beautiful and haunting
self-portraits, has always captivated many – and has been
reproduced on surfaces of coffee mugs, bags, magnets, and
everything else known to the gift shop. There is something
mysterious and magical about her appearance, her life, and her art
that has led Madonna to hoard her paintings, Jennifer Lopez to
fight with Salma Hayek to portray her on film, and inspired endless
art, books, and poems. But to Kate Braverman, author of Incantation
for Frida K, Kahlo is much more than her striking appearance or
painful life. ‘(Frida) was a sexual revolutionary, a political
revolutionary…her life was like a prophecy… (she) is what a
modern woman is.’
–Erica Sagrans
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    Kahloism is a religion that worships Frida Kahlo as the one true
    God. Check it out.
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