General Excellence (Newsletters) 2001

Business Ethics

The bimonthly newsletter remains the single best source of information and trends among socially responsible business, cheering on the pioneering companies while exposing the greenwashers.

Insider’s report on responsible business.
Marjorie Kelly, editor

Mavis Publications, Inc.
2845 Harriet Ave. Suite 207
Minneapolis,MN 55408
Subscription address:
Box 8439
Minneapolis, MN 55408
$49/yr. (6 issues)


This bimonthly bulletin of the Council for Responsible Genetics monitors the social, ethical, and environmental implications of biotechnology.

Monitoring the social impact of biotechnology.
Council for Responsible Genetics.
5 Upland Rd., Suite 3
Cambridge,MA 02140
Subscription address: same as above
$24/yr. (6 issues)

The GreenMoney Journal

Perhaps the country’s best source of information on socially responsible investing, this bi-monthly newsletter serves as a barometer of ethical capitalism in America.

Socially and environmentally responsible business investing.
Cliff Feigenbaum, publisher and co-editor
PO Box 67
Sanat Fe, NM 87504
Subscription address: same as above
$50/yr. (4 issues)

The Hightower Lowdown

A saucy political newsletter offering a hard-hitting and humorous populist perspective on the events of the day.

John Hightower, Phillip Frazer, editors
Public Intelligence, Inc.
668 Greenwich St., #607
New York,NY 10011
Subscription address:
Box 20596
New York, NY 10011
$15/yr. (12 issues)

PR Watch

Quite simply, the best source of information for all of us trying to unspin the spin doctors.

Public interest reporting on the PR industry.
John Stauber, director; Sheldon Rampton, editor
520 University Ave., Ste. 310
Madison, WI 53703
Subscription address: same as above
$35/yr. (4 issues)

The Progressive Review

Sam Smith’s longstanding venure for his own straightshooting political commentary– “Washington’s most unofficial source.”

Washington’s most unofficial source.
Sam Smith, editor
1312 18th St. NW (5th Floor)
Washington, DC 20036
Subscription address: same as above
$18/yr. (6 issues)


The Ram’s Horn

Insightful insider watchdog on agribusiness, food technology, and environmental ethics.

A monthly newsletter of food system analysis.
Brewster and Cathleen Kneen
S-6, C-27, RR.1
Sorrento, BC V0E 2W0 Canada
Subscription address: same as above
CDN$20 or US$20/yr. (11 issues)


Progress: Surface Transportation Policy Project

A lively newsletter covering intriguing developments around the country in creating a more sustainable transportation system and healthier communities: Trains, buses, bikes, pedestrian power, car sharing and more.

Hank Dittmar, executive director
1100 17th St. NW, 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
Subscription address:
send your mailing address to
no charge upon request (6 issues/yr.)


In-depth coverage of eye-opening issues that affect your life.