General Excellence (Zines) 2001

Bamboo Girl

A kick-ass multisubcultural zine focusing on Filipino culture, Bamboo Girl is filtered and organized by the ardently feminist sensibility of its editor, a queer-but-married New York City-dwelling Filipina mestiza.

c/o Sabrina Sandata
P.O. Box 507
New York,NY 10159-0507

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This big whompin’ compendium of interviews focuses on creative people and eccentrics in Korea, Japan, and Australia, from performance artist Stelarc to a record setter in one-legged standing and other stunts.

J. Scott Burgeson, editor
Subscription: issues available online, $1 each


Experiencing Doris is a little like reading your punk kid sister’s diary; editor Cindy writes about hitchhiking, ‘doomed plans’, and making sense of things while living on her own terms.

P.O. Box 1734
Asheville,NC 28802
Subscription address: same as above
$1.50 per issue

The East Village Inky

Life (with children) from one mom’s perspective. This little zine is decorated with the editor’s great humor and illustrations.

122 Dean St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Subscription address: same as above
$8/yr. (4 issues)


Campy, snarky, and slightly smarter than you, the brain-twiddling journal Hermenaut applies irony to philosophy and popular culture, whether deconstructing the Stockholm Syndrome or probing the intellectual significance of Sonny Bono.

The digest of heady philosophy.
Joshua Glenn, editor
Box 141
Allston,MA 02134
Subscription address: same as above
$20 for 4 issues


For those philosophiles of the world who like to analyze a Little Too Deeply, this zine is a treasure trove of quirky (and applicable) philosophical tracts on the state of the modern world.

Philosophy – Politics – How we live.
Jill Stauffer, editor
Box 423354
San Francisco,CA 94142
Subscription address: same as above
$8/yr. (2 issues) payable to Jill Stauffer



Q: What’s wee, lovely, printed by hand on a letterpress by a substitute teacher in Oakland, and a good source for firsthand accounts of self-surgery, bike trips, and the alternative publishing? A: Ker-bloom!

Karen Switzer, editor
P.O. Box 3525
Oakland,CA 94609
$20/year (made out to K. Switzer)

King-Cat Comics and Stories

Sweet, simple, clear, and occasionally heart-breaking, King-Cat is a personal mini-comic series now anthologized in Perfect Example (Highwater Books).

P.O. Box 881
Elgin,IL 60121

The Match!

Fred Woodworth’s been doggedly producing this incendiary anarchist journal since long before the Ruckus Society made headlines. It’s ranty and outrageous as any political zine, but it distinguishes itself both by its meticulous research and its remarkable reach.

A journal of ethical anarchism.
Fred Woodworth, editor
Box 3012
Tucson, AZ 85702
Subscription address: same as above
free/donations welcome/do not send checks


The zine focusing on ‘what it’s like to be a modern day Jewish girl.’

Barbara Kligman
P.O. Box 819, Stuyvesant Station
New York, NY 10009
This zine is discontinuing after the Nov. or Dec. issue (2001)

In-depth coverage of eye-opening issues that affect your life.