Giant J. Lo Frenzy!

What is it about Jennifer Lopez that leads women of New York and
beyond with better ways to spend their time to obsess on J. Lo and
her larger-than-life existence? Is it her Cinderella story,
complete with unbridled ambition and a successful empire of music,
movies, clothes, and perfume? Is it her steamy life with fianc? Ben
Affleck, or the 6.1-carat pink diamond from that very newly
proclaimed ?Sexiest Man Alive?? Or could it be that ?Despite her
reign atop the celebrity world, we?re always reminded that, ?She?s
real, she?s real and, oh yeah, one other thing: She?s real.? In the
words of New York University media studies professor Mark Crispin
Miller, ?J. Lo is a hot property primarily because she?s a ?Woman
in Control,? an icon of post-feminist autonomy and old-fashioned
rags-to-riches elevation.?

A number of women obsessed with J. Lo and her love life, many of
whom declined to give their names for Rory Evans? article in
The New York Observer, also found themselves enthralled by
The Bachelor, and then ?refocused their critical views
from one stagy, forced romance to another.? Some speculate that Ben
and Jen?s coupling is simply a strategic move ? ?to broaden their
individual appeal and to cross class barriers: She makes him
street; he makes her white.? Amidst predictions that their upcoming
Caribbean wedding will result in a marriage as brief as Lopez?s
previous couplings, the ceremony is expected to elevate the
celebrity wedding spectacle to new levels. ?They will be so
embarrassed when this doesn?t work out,? said one avid J. Lo
follower. ?I can?t wait.?

-Erica Sagrans

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