Good Vibrations: A New Campaign Strategy

Good Vibrations: A New Campaign Strategy

Ralph Nader isn’t the only third party presidential candidate
making waves: quantum physicist-turned-Transcendental Meditation
evangelist John Hagelin is attracting attention for splitting from
Pat Buchanan’s Reform Party and running as the Natural Law Party
presidential candidate, as well as for suggesting that many of the
world’s problems can be solved through mass meditation. As Jonathan
Fox of the Dallas Observer reports, Hagelin, a
Harvard graduate who was once at the top of his field, lost much of
his academic credibility after he ‘attempted to shoehorn Eastern
metaphysical musings into the realm of quantum physics.’

The 46-year-old theoretical physicist began meditating during his
teens and is a disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of
the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement and the related
worldwide ‘moneymaking empire’ that the Beatles briefly joined in
the ’60s. ‘One of the Maharishi’s deepest-held beliefs,’ writes
Fox, ‘is that the aura created by platoons of incredibly focused
meditators prevents crime and wars, an assertion backers claim is
supported by scientific ‘research’–much of it done by

Despite being dismissed as ‘nutty’ and a ‘levitating lefty’ by the
mainstream, the perpetually unruffled Hagelin says he is primed for
victory, even hinting at a Jesse Ventura-like win. But Fox
questions his ability to pull even from his support base–Reform
Partiers disillusioned with Patrick Buchanan: ‘Why put their weight
behind such a strange bird,’ he asks, ‘or even bother to continue
with Reform Party politics after the party has gone a different
direction?’ — Amanda
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For more information on John Hagelin’s bid for president, see his
campaign website at or the Natural Law Party
website at

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