Grandpa?s In the Tuff Shed

In 1993 Bredo Morstel, his daughter Aud, grandson Trygve, and
family friend Al Cooper moved from their native Norway to
Nederland, Colorado, a tiny mountain town near Boulder. Never mind
that Bredo died in 1989 and both he and Al were cryogenically
frozen?all lived happily in their D.I.Y. bomb-and-fire-proof
fortress until Trygve was deported and Aud was evicted. Learning of
Bredo?s existence, an emergency town meeting was called, resulting
in an ordinance prohibiting ?the whole or any part of the person,
body or carcass of a human being, animal or other biological
species which is not alive on one?s property.? Although the
legislation didn?t affect Bredo, who was ?grandfathered in,?
hundreds of turkeys and freezer-dwelling carcasses were
disenfranchised. The saga resulted in an unorthodox resolution that
inspired an annual ?Frozen Dead Guy Days? celebration?complete with
Coffin Races and a look-alike contest, a comical Telluride Film
Festival documentary, and a hysterical website.
?Erin Ferdinand

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