Greener Grass on Capitol Hill

As the polls closed this past November and it became clear that
the national government lay squarely in the hands of the Republican
party, environmentalists around the country took a moment to mourn
and then set to work assembling what Keith Schneider of
Grist magazine calls the ?broadest and most ambitious
operation ever attempted by the national environmental

The ?Collaborative Defense Campaign,? as it is being called,
mobilizes staff from 16 environmental organizations. The goals are
clear: to counteract the expected political onslaught of the
country?s basic protections for water, air, land, and public

Environmental leaders outlined their strategy for Schneider,
insistent that by burning the media spotlight brightly on the
issues and enlisting the clout of certain politicians (from both
sides of the aisle) the campaign will not only succeed but
reinvigorate the environmental movement across the country.

-Jessica Misslin

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