Greens Should Use ?Safe States? Strategy in 2004

Writing for Z Magazine, Ted Glick shows a way for the
Green Party to avoid spoiling Democrat chances while maintaining
the benefits of fielding a progressive candidate for president.
Glick writes that the danger of having ?21st-century corporate
warmongers and fascists in positions of power within the White
House, Pentagon, [and] Justice Department? requires a ?safe states
strategy,? focusing the Green campaign on states where past voting
history and polling show that either Bush or a Democrat are very
likely to win. Advantages include Greens gaining respect from
Democrats, an increase in the possibility of the Greens achieving 5
percent of the national vote, and a continued nurturing of ?the
shoots and seedlings of a viable progressive party.? Should the
Greens buckle to pressure not to run a candidate, Glick warns, they
could go the way of an earlier third-party movement, the
once-powerful Populist Party, which in 1896 threw its support to
Democrat William Jennings Bryan. By 1900, the party had virtually
?Joel Stonington

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Green Party ?Safe States? Strategy

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