Hazy Cosmic Jive

Inspired by the night sky, musicians occasionally transmit
starry-eyed tunes that leave us earthlings dancing in our moon
boots. While we were working on this issue of the magazine, we
assembled an interstellar lineup to keep the mother ship-er,
office-in a perfect lunar groove.

‘Fly Me to the Moon’-Astrud Gilberto
‘Neptune (The Planet)’-Bad Plus
‘Intergalactic’-Beastie Boys
‘Across the Universe’-Beatles
‘Space Oddity’-David Bowie
‘Unemployed Black Astronaut’-Busdriver
‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’-Carpenters
‘It Came Out of the Sky’-Creedence Clearwater Revival
‘Stella by Starlight’-Miles Davis
‘Pink Moon’-Nick Drake
‘I Wished on the Moon’-Billie Holiday
‘Rocket Man’-Elton John
‘Supersonic Rocket Ship’-Kinks
‘You and Me and the Moon’-Magnetic Fields
‘Carolina Moon’-Thelonious Monk
‘Lonely Planet Boy’-New York Dolls
‘Outer Space’-Lee Perry
‘Eclipse’-Pink Floyd
‘Man on the Moon’-R.E.M.
‘Major Tom (Coming Home)’-Peter Schilling
‘Outer Space Incorporated’-Sun Ra
‘Moondance’-Van Morrison
‘Satellite of Love’-Lou Reed
‘Howlin’ at the Moon’-Hank Williams

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