Heroes and Herons

Heroes and Herons: The Last Stand, Emily D. Edwards, MediaRights
The recent environmental documentary, The Last Stand, works to destroy the “development equals progress, jobs, and a strong economy” mantra. Film critic, producer, and professor Emily Edwards writes that environmental films such as The Last Stand serve not only to entertain the viewers, but to call them to action. To persuade the audience that development is not necessarily the road to progress, the film tells the story of the Ballona Wetlands and the proposed Playa Vista development in Southern California. The Ballona Wetlands is one of the few remaining wetlands in the area and L.A.’s last open space — thus prime for real estate development. “Though the film includes voices antagonistic to its cause, The Last Stand(www.ballona.com) makes its position clear: stop development of the Ballona Wetlands. It is a documentary … with implications for us all.”
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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