High-Caliber Comfort

High-Caliber Comfort, Tim Vanderpool,
Tucson Weekly
At West of the Pecos Gun Shop in Tucson, Arizona, gun sales are
brisk. The store has seen a 40 percent increase since September 11,
with no sign of slowing down, reports Tim Vanderpool in the Tucson
Weekly. Nationally, gun sales are also on the rise. Anti-firearm
activists are concerned that the rise in gun ownership will
increase the opposition to gun control. And rightly so, says Larry
Sabato, a University of Washington political scientist. ‘Any
gun-control legislation of any kind is a non-starter now.’ So, do
these gun buyers believe their newly purchased firearms will prove
useful in the fight against terrorism? One West of the Pecos
customer seems to think so. ‘There’s just too much stuff going on
these days, from school shootings to these airplane attacks,’ he
says. ‘Pull out a gun and stick it in their nose. I’d call that an
absolute deterrent.’
–Madeleine Baran
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