Home Despot

In a recent Ft. Worth Star-Telegram article, staff
writer Todd Camp investigates the home-making skills of notable
tyrants ranging from Saddam Hussein to Adolf Hitler. Although these
taskmasters may have done well for themselves when it came to
murderous dictatorships, Camp suggests they were at the back of the
pack when it came to interior decorating. This entertaining piece
includes photos documenting each strongman?s most garish decorative
offenses. Of the eleven despots he pans for everything from
grotesque excess to bad art?including Benito Mussolini, Manuel
Noriega and Pol Pot?Saddam Hussein wins out as the dictator with
the worst taste. ?Not even a wunderkind design guru like
Trading Spaces? Vern Yip could make those tacky paintings
and tacky colors look good,? he writes.
?Heather Dewar

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