How To Seem Smarter

How To Seem Smarter, Jen Stroud Rossman, Readymade Magazine
Seeming smarter than you actually are is simple, and it doesn’t require heavy reading, classical music, or word-of-the-day toilet paper, says Jen Stroud Rossman in Readymade magazine. Readymade, a magazine of do-it-yourself tips for hipsters, offers a painless four-step plan that will give others the impression you are not only “smarter than you were before, but smarter than they are.” For example, instead of saying “uh-huh,” Rossman suggests inserting “sure” and “of course.” Another tip is to deflect literary questions. When asked if you’ve read a particular work of literature, reply, “Well, not in English.” This will not only imply you read the work, says Rossman, but it will “shame your questioner with your multilingual abilities.”
–Kate Garsombke
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