How to Win An Argument With a Conservative

Whether you’re looking for clear differences between the Republicans and Democrats to convince a friend not to vote for a third party, sleuthing for information on campaign funding sources, or just want a few juicy statistics proving that companies are actually given larger tax breaks when they buy gas-guzzling cars, The American Voice website featuring Dr. Dave as its resident expert could be your lucky find.

Dr. Dave’s Fact of the Day may shock you, or simply back up your already-firm opinion with useful statistics. Did you know that just over 30 percent of all 18-24 year-olds in the United States voted in the 2000 presidential elections, compared to more than 50 percent in 1964? Did you know that ‘the minimum wage has not increased in eight years’ or that ‘its effective buying power has dropped to its lowest level since 1949?’

In his ‘Pocket Guide to Issues and Allegations’ Dr. Dave chronicles the backgrounds of issues as confusing as Social Security or as polarizing as Capital Punishment, and offers both the conservative and the liberal perspective. For instance, ‘The death penalty promotes public safety, as those executed will never commit crimes again,’ say the conservatives, while the liberals counter with, ‘the death penalty is irrevocable, eliminating the chance that a defendant could be exonerated by new evidence coming to light.’

Or ask Dr. Dave a question yourself. He’ll be happy to help out with both the technical (How do I register to vote?) and the theoretical (Can one vote make a difference?) And he’s sure to help you win an argument with a conservative, or a liberal.
Jacob Wheeler

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