How Zen Found Me

Though heavily involved in her New York City Catholic community,
Janet Abels found a kind of peace in a form of meditation called
‘sight in.’ She built on that experience and eventually found
herself traveling to India, because in a dream, she realized that
her life as a Catholic was not complete and that she must abandon
everything she knew in order pursue her spiritual fulfillment.

She recalls her ‘early years of struggle, sitting (as meditation
is referred to in Zen).’ From that struggle, ‘[sitting] has become
an unquestioned way of life. I sit twice a day, as well as regular
zazenkai (all-day sitting) and sesshin or Zen retreats that last
either a weekend or a week.’

In her story of transformation, the reader gets a chance to
share in her challenges and accomplishments — a wonderful
exploration of Zen.
Sara V. Buckwitz

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How Zen Found

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