Humboldt County Ranch Sells Conservation Easement

Humboldt County Ranch Sells Conservation
The Hackett family doesn’t have your run-of-the-mill backyard.
Their 3,640-acre Howe Creek Ranch near Rio Dell, California, boasts
13 miles of salmon streams, native redwood and Douglas fir trees,
and grasslands populated by northern spotted owl, golden eagle,
goshawk, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat and great horned owl.
They’ve owned the ranch for five generations, during which time
their commitment to sustainable resource management has shown:
They’ve completed extensive stream restoration for salmon habitat
and reforested 900 acres of land since 1984. Now, with help from
the Pacific Forest Trust, the California State Coastal Conservancy
and Wildlife Conservation Board, the Hacketts have acquired a
conservation easement that will permanently protect their land and
its environmental resources — a deed restriction that will stay
with the land no matter who its future owners may be.
–Rebecca Wienbar
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