Hydrogen-Powered Honda Arrives

Hydrogen-Powered Honda Arrives,The Japan Times
Can we finally dump our fossil-fueled cars? The FCX, Honda’s new
hydrogen-powered car, recently earned the EPA’s lowest national
emission rating and met all the US safety standards, reports
The Japan Times’ web site, and over the next three
years, Honda plans to lease 30 hydrogen-powered cars in Tokyo and
California. Honda is the first manufacturer to meet both the
environmental and safety standards, and now other car manufacturers
are in hot pursuit. GM unveiled its new Fuel Cell Development
Center five days after Honda announced its intention to lease the
FCX and is gunning to be the first company to sell one million
fuel-cell vehicles. And though it may be a few more years until the
clean-energy cars are easily accessible, major manufacturers seem
to be fighting for the new market.
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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Honda to Begin Leasing Fuel Cell
by Year-End
from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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