Ian Anderson Wittering On About Cats

Anderson Wittering On About Cats,
Ian Anderson,
Most of you older folk (40-plus) know him as the one-legged
flautist who led the seminal rock band Jethro Tull throughout their
heyday during the ’60s and ’70s, but Ian Anderson is far more than
a mere entertainer. Indeed, while Ian and the band continue to
record and tour into their fifth decade, the eloquent musician and
businessman continues to pursue his non ‘rock star’ passions. In
addition to salmon farming and Indian cooking, Anderson is a
passionate advocate for cats of all types. On the band’s Web site
j-tull.com, he makes a plea for the plight of the
endangered ‘little spotty guys,’ small wild cats like the Margay,
ocelot, and Jaguarundi who are ‘skating on thin ice’ as their
habitat shrinks and they are hunted for their beautiful fur.
–Al Paulson

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