I Come in Peace America

I Come in Peace America, Rohit Gupta,
Flak magazine
In the United States, it’s easy to gain quick access to American
magazines, journals and books via the public library. However, in
India, accessing American texts is a bit more difficult. After the
events of September 11, reports Rohit Gupta in Flak
it’s more like a luxury. Getting into the General
Information Library at the American Information Resource Centre in
Mumbai, writes Gupta, requires ‘microscopic scrutiny.’ Gupta
describes the pain of being allowed to look at newspapers,
magazines and specific scholarly journals, but then being
prohibited from checking anything out for closer study. After you
go through the x-ray chamber, ‘you are stripped of all things
electronic, metallic and generally suspicious. Like house keys,
ballpoint pens and dignity.’
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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