Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age

This web site promotes works of art that reuse corporations’ commercial messages to create something new, and testing the boundaries of copyright infringement is the dominant theme for many of the artists. The Illegal Art site features videos, illustrations and musical compositions that make heavy use of copyrighted samples. Some of the artists have received cease and desist orders in regards to their creative reuse, others have found themselves in court. The live exhibit hit New York in November and comes to Chicago in late January. But if you can’t make it to the actual exibit this site provides video clips and a selection of the artists’ work–like “The Manipulators,” a pair of artists from Philadelphia who use white-out and sharpies to replace luxury items with Dr. Seuss-like props in fashion ads. This site aims to spark a debate on the fuzzy line between copyright infringement and the artistic freedom to reuse which is an integral part of contemporary art.
–Nick Garafola
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