Information for Young Visionaries

Dear Utne Reader Young Visionary,

To help spread the word about your selection, we’ve assembled a press release template and Web banners that you might find useful in your own PR efforts. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance and, if possible, copy me on any press materials you send out. The only thing we ask is that when you reference your selection as an Utne Reader Young Visionary you use the full name: Utne Reader Young Visionary.

Please let us know if you have any questions. And good luck!

Kristin Sawyer
Marketing Manager
Utne Reader
612.338.5040 ext. 335

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Sample Press Release

The following is a sample press release that you can personalize to spread the good news.

[Print on your publication’s letterhead]

August 27, 2002

[Your Publication]
[Your spokesperson]
[telephone number], [email/url]
Utne Reader
Kristin Sawyer, Mktg Mgr
612.338.5040 ext. 335


[Your city, Your state, Month, Day, Year] – From San Francisco, California to [Your city, Your state] Utne Reader’s30 Under 30 Young Visionaries are breaking the mold for innovative, young, 21st century activists. [Featured Visionary’s name] founder of [Organization’s City]’s [Your organization] is one of the 30 featured in the September/October magazine who are choosing the cooperative approach to leadership.

‘[Your organization/spokesperson] is helping to redefine activism in the 21st-century,’ says Karen Olson, senior editor of Utne Reader. ‘The Young Visionaries are radically changing our future through the simple act of collaboration.’

[A little personal information here is always a good idea, such as a description of your company’s latest and/or greatest achievement.]

The 30 young visionaries don’t consider themselves ‘heroes’ or even ‘leaders’ in their communities. They share their recognition with their colleagues. Pretty amazing when you’re talking about folks who have started organizations as amazing as [Your organization].

  • To learn more about the 30 Under 30 Young Visionaries, pick up the September/October issue of Utne Reader on sale August 27, 2002.
  • Interviews with these amazing young visionaries can be arranged through Kristin Sawyer, Mktg Mgr for Utne Reader, or through [Your contact person and phone number]
  • Check out for additional information on the 30 Under 30 section.

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[Make sure to include the boilerplate description of your company too.]


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