International Quirkyalone Day

There will be no box of chocolates for self-proclaimed
?quirkyalones? this February 14th, just the shared experience of
bittersweet solitude. Though they?ve yet to be added to the 21st
century list of personality types, quirkyalones (a term coined by
To-Do List magazine publisher Sasha Cagen) consider
themselves romantics of the highest order who would rather spend
their days alone than to pair up with a less-than-perfect mate.
Each year on February 14th, the day traditional romantics treat
their lovers to over-priced roses and wear uncomfortable lingerie,
quirkyalones get together to celebrate holding out for someone who
truly understands and to celebrate their solitude, which they
embrace in the meantime. The To-Do List Web site features
a quirkyalone quiz and a list of parties that will be held in (at
least) New York, San Francisco, and Boston, as well as the option
to post the meeting place of your very own quirkyalone party.
Nick Garafola

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