Invest in Your Conscience

?People disillusioned with the inertia of modern government
would do well to consider the impact they could have if they
invested according to their highest expectations of the future.?
Thus is the philosophy of, a web site
serving investors looking to secure their own futures?and those of
their communities. Recent statistics support the idea that
corporations can do well while doing good: According to
the Social Investment Forum, social investments have grown from
$639 billion in 1995 to over $2 trillion today. When screening
potential investments, utilizes three key
pieces of criteria: a company?s negative and positive contributions
to society and the environment; shareholder activism; and community
investing. Whether you prefer to invest in companies focusing on
strong environmental ethics, employee empowerment practices, or the
ethical treatment of animals, has the information
that will help you make a choice.
?Erin Ferdinand

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