Iraq Coalition Casuality Count

With U.S. and U.K. casualties in Iraq mounting each day,
mainstream media have begun downplaying the human costs of Bush’s
quagmire. This web site offers a helpful statistical breakdown of
Coalition dead and wounded by time period. Since July 2, for
example, when President Bush sportily challenged terrorists groups
to, ‘Bring Them On,’ 62 soldiers have been brought home in
flag-draped caskets.

The site reports that an average of seven soldiers died per day
between March 20 and April 9, a number that dropped to one per day
between April 10 (Baghdad’s fall) and May 1. Since then the daily
average has risen to 1.34 deaths. The site also offers causes of
death, ranging from apparent heat stress to traffic accident. The
majority of deaths, however, continue to be combat-related. The
site also lists names of deceased soldiers, their rank and home
state, as well as information on the wounded. Links to the site’s
sources are also provided.
Adam Overland

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Coalition Casualty Count

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