Is it the Real Thing

Is it the Real Thing? Dennis Rodkin, Conscious Choice
Coca-Cola’s recent purchase of Odwalla earns it a seat at the juice bar, but at what cost for the consumer? Dennis Rodkin writes in the monthly magazine Conscious Choice that it’s too early to tell for certain, but so far Coca-Cola execs are saying the right things. The new chief operating officer at Odwalla, Shawn Sugarman, assures Rodkin that Coca-Cola has no intention of changing any of Odwalla’s recipes. Rodkin points out that with Odwalla’s recent profits of 30-40 percent, Coca-Cola would taking a risk to modify it. Nonetheless, Coca-Cola could decide to completely take over operations as Pepsi took over Sobe. One industry executive asks if Coke will do the same thing. Will Coke “[s]ay the right things but do what it wants?”
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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