Is Taking Psychedelics an Act of Sedition?

Is Taking Psychedelics an Act of Sedition?Charles Hayes, Tikkun magazine
Taking psychedelic drugs may not only be an interesting (albeit illegal) diversion, it could very well be our civic duty in the war on terrorism. As Charles Hayes notes in Tikkun magazine, the benefits of psychedelics–opening up the borders of the mind and increasing the taker’s empathy for others–is worth serious consideration in this time of violence and mistrust. Psychedelics would have to be used responsibly, of course, and Hayes admits that such use is not wise for those who must maintain combat readiness or other security personnel. But if psychological stress relief and exploration of other perspectives of the state of the world is the aim, (and lawfully sanctioned mind-altering substances like Prozac aren’t doing the job,) perhaps the best solution really is a global acid trip.
Julie Madsen
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