It’s Poker Night with Larry Flynt!

It’s Poker Night with Larry Flynt!
Andrew Goldman, The New York Observer
Dinner with wheelchair-bound king pornographer Larry Flynt and his
cohorts at Flynt’s three-month-old, $35 million Hustler casino in
Gardena, California, is bound to be lively, and Andrew Goldman of
the New York Observer jots down all the gory details
for us. Flynt, with ‘his clean-shaven Humpty Dumpty face, his
satiny royal blue shirt with the monogrammed cuffs, his onyx pinkie
ring and diamond-encrusted watch,’ stands king of this royal court.
Delving into everything from Flynt’s relationships with various
politicos (especially the ‘Chief Horndog’) to his dogs’ silicone
testicle implants, to the changing face of the porn biz, Goldman
portrays a surreal scene. ‘You’ve got Larry and [Penthouse
publisher Bob] Guccione doing things that 10 years ago you’d go to
prison for,’ says Flynt’s buddy Dennis Hof about the current state
of pornography. ‘Then you’ve got all the Internet stuff: dogs,
horses, 12-year-old girls, all this crazed third-world shit going
on. Larry comes out lookin’ like a choirboy coming next to this
stuff.’ — Amanda Luker
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