It’s Spring, Lighten Up

Trawling the Internet for news can be a depressing affair. In an
effort to honor the spirit of a burgeoning spring, Utne
offers the following sites to be surfed for some much needed comic
Remember the commercial that an exasperated Bill Murray fumbled
through during Lost in Translation? Imagine a trove of such
moments, with a bevy of Hollywood stars to choose from.
Wreak havoc upon the Web sites you scorn with this harmless but
gratifying tool, which came to Utne accompanied by the pitch line,
‘Nuking the Fox News homepage is really satisfying.’ We concur.
News of the weird with headlines and links conveniently labeled
with tags like ‘asinine,’ ‘spiffy,’ and ‘dumbass.’
Google with a twiznist.
If those Mr. Show DVDs just don’t scratch that itch
anymore, should do the trick.

Defies description, but here goes: August Strindberg, Swedish
chronicler of profundity, repeatedly has his existential reverie
interrupted by his pal, an adorable ball of helium.

Winner and runners-up of the ‘Name Ann Coulter’s Next Book’
‘The World’s Only Comedy Site.’ Also, the place to go for
pranksters and lovers of pranks. The
comes highly recommended.

For anyone wishing to vicariously experience the act of

Eight years running, still culturally relevant.
tracks the ‘defining moment when you know that your favorite
television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know
from now on … it’s all downhill.’ The benchmark moment: when the
Fonz jumped over a shark in water-skis (and, if memory serves, his
leather jacket).

Also aged; also good. For those of us without TiVo.
Tried and true.

Because who hasn’t wondered what Rick Astley is up to these

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