?Jackass Attack?: White Boys are Back

In this Pacific News Service commentary, Russell Morse
sarcastically applauds three films?Jackass, 8
, and Bowling for Columbine?for redeeming the
American white boy, whose image has been soiled by boy bands and
school shootings. ?It?s as if they?re saying, ?Hey! Don?t read
Hitler?s biography and shoot football players. Light bottle rockets
out of your a– instead.?? Though Morse creates a compelling
thesis, some of his supporting arguments miss the mark. He
criticizes Columbine for reminding us that white boys are
a ?worthless group? and contends that director Michael Moore
?doesn?t know who to blame? for America?s culture of violence. In a
comment posted in response to the article, an alert reader reminds
Morse that Moore?s documentary clearly holds the news and
entertainment media responsible for fanning the public?s irrational

?Erin Ferdinand

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