Jesse Jackson Jr.: A Different Vision

Jesse Jackson Jr.: A Different Vision,
John Nichols, The Nation
What a friend we have in Jesse! Beyond that which was handed down
from his civil rights and National Rainbow Coalition activist
father, Jesse Jackson, Jr., has made a name for himself as a
politician fiercely fighting against Republican ‘reforms’ and
Democratic ‘compromises.’ The 35-year-old Chicago Democrat is
considered an absolutist (never missing a single House vote) by his
colleagues in Congress. Jackson, who cut his teeth in Illinois’ 2nd
District in South Side Chicago, has consistently opposed the
Clinton Administration’s free trade initiatives, is leading the
campaign in Congress to open the Presidential debates to Green
Party candidate Ralph Nader and, according to friends, ‘takes real
risks based on his beliefs because he really doesn’t want to just
go along.’ As John Nichols writes for The Nation,
Jesse Jr., ‘displays a faith in the prospect of revolutionary
political transformation that goes well beyond anything the Rev.
Jesse Jackson dared propose during two presidential runs and 40
years of civil rights, economic and social-justice activism.’
Amanda Luker
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