Jesus – Anti-SUV Activist?

Since the Bush administration shut the door recently onreducing
air pollution from power plants, activists have settheir sites
again on that other great polluter: the SUV. Here isa look at
several creative efforts that are gaining steam:

With its recent ‘What Would Jesus Drive?’ campaign tostimulate a
morality-centered discussion about transportationchoices and their
environmental impacts, The EvangelicalEnvironmental Network has
brought the question of SUVs tonational attention. Involving TV
commercials and a web site, thecampaign aims to help Christians and
others understand thattransportation is a moral choice, and
encourage people topressure the government and the automobile
industry to increasefuel efficiency of vehicles and reduce
pollution. WWJD calls onChristians to make a commitment to ‘walk
the walk and drive thetalk,’ pledging ‘In making my transportation
choices with theRisen Lord Jesus, I believe He wants me to travel
in ways thatreduce pollution and consumption of gasoline.’

The web site ‘I’m Changing The Climate! Ask Me How!’encourages
visitors to download and print bumper stickers bearingthis slogan
and stick them to as many gas-guzzling SUVS as theycan get their
hands on. The site features an SUV tagger of theweek, along with
the rules of engagement, such as ‘Do not tagsmall SUVs’ and ‘We
only tag late model vehicles, not some beatup old Suburban some
poor soul has inherited.’

The Clean Car Campaign serves as a resource for car and
fuelefficiency information, with news and articles updated
regularly.The site includes its own secular pledge that visitors
can emailto automakers, reading: ‘Next time I shop for a new car or
truck,I pledge to buy the greenest vehicle available that meets
myneeds and fits my budget.’

For information on gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions andair
pollution ratings, lets
you comparevarious new and used cars and trucks and figure out how
to drivein the most efficient way possible.
–Erica Sagrans

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